Three months to catapult to your next level & live abundantly in your life's purpose.


What if...

  • What if... you could create more freedom + income by aligning with your purpose? (quadruple your salary, start or scale your business, grow your career into something incredible)

  • What if… the journey of creating unwavering self trust & confidence was safe, fun & wildly alive?

  • What if… each day felt expansive, exciting, and deeply fulfilling - no matter what? (leading to a world of true unlimited possibility, energy, and expansion 💸)

...what if you fell completely in love with the journey of your next level --  while being surrounded the most epic group of humans who are on the same path?


Lemme ask you this...

Does the journey of healing, exponential growth, and reaching your goals feel like this?

  • You see glimpses of the dream life you want to live (or career you want to create) but have trouble bringing the bulk of the vision to life

  • You're ready to live the full expression of your career or business but being out of your comfort zone feels a bit stressful & overwhelming

  • It might sound like this... How can I make more money when people in my field don't make that much? How do I do all of the things with limited time? How do I continue to believe in myself before there is evidence on the table?

  • You know you're here to do big things, but it feels overwhelming to do it alone

  • You feel the pull to experience life to its fullest with more time, more money, more freedom, and the feeling of truly living in your purpose.

I get it. You've read the self-help books and you've gone to therapy, but there is still a gap. Because beyond the desire to create more freedom and aligned financially abundance, lies a deeper desire to experience real freedom in your mind, body and spirit.

We're talking about surfing, skating, spending time in nature, having hours to drink your coffee in the morning, a calm nervous system, a thriving career, amazing relationships... and still having time to do all the things you love.


This is NOT a quick fix. These are tools, insights, and experiences that will evolve with you for a lifetime.

Some words from the inside 👇



I founded Exponential Alignment because I know how it feels to navigate through the hard stuff & feel weighed down while being devoted to that Vision Board Lifestyle. I was a life coach trying to figure out how skate, surf, go to yoga, relax, be a good friend and partner, have a fulfilling business, AND make money.

I was an amazing coach and always made time to surf + skate, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: it doesn’t matter how much money you make or how many things you check off for the day, if you don’t lay your head down at night feeling fulfilled, calm, and accomplished.

So I set off to learn everything I could about finding the perfect balance to love my life, love my work, and make plenty of money while living out my purpose as my truest, most aligned self … 

On my journey to master the art of true work-life balance and fulfillment, I was able to get really comfy in my business, build a beautiful relationship, surf, skateboard daily, and get in the best mental and physical shape of my life - without questioning my decisions, desires, or my next level…

I had an opportunity to work with and be mentored by some of the top leaders in the personal development and spiritual health industry.

Through this work I gained an indescribable sense of freedom. I did the thing. I created my "dream life" and still felt happy, calm, and grounded at the end of the day. Everyone would ask me how I had so much time to do all of the things, live so freely, and be so happy....

So, I put together a program to lead others back to themselves, and into Exponential Alignment, so they can experience true fulfillment and work-life balance for themselves for the long haul.

This is my life's work. My mission. My purpose. And my Zone of Genius.

I am so excited to share this with the world.

This is for the...

One who wants to live in their life's purpose and be on track for unlimited expansion. Entrepreneurs and Leaders, Photographers, Designers, Consultants, Healers, Teachers, Coaches, Freelancers, Athletes, Artists, and Creators...


Who are only available for deep alignment and lots of fun, play, and free time along the way.

This is no ordinary path...

And I am no ordinary coach. Throughout our time together I will equip you with proven practices, tools, prompts, and breakthrough sessions to get to the root of what is standing in your way of that Vision Board Lifestyle so you can create everlasting change in all areas of your life. And I'm gonna let you in on a little secret... the people who come into EA are some of the most incredible, magical, driven, and motivated people you will ever meet. Each group call feels like a motivation IV while you build the life of your dream and create long lasting friendships and connections.

Inside, you will:

  • Become the master of your mind and your own schedule, by understanding your unique purpose, your nervous system, and how to let in more money as a byproduct of doing what you love.

  • Receive LIVE interactions each week from an incredible community of athletes, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

  • Receive unlimited daily support (optional) from me as you build your business in a way that nourishes your soul and your relationships.

  • Transform your interpersonal skills & mindset to overcome your mental blocks. In EA, you'll receive the most cutting edge practices to take with you for life.

  •  If you're an entrepreneur, this will be home to build and expand the most abundant & aligned business, that is unique to you and your purpose.

Nothing is off limits. You will leave this program an EVOLVED version of yourself. And if you're anything like the current/past members, there's a high chance that you'll make more money, feel wildly clear and empowered, and be absolutely stoked on your life and the opportunities in front of you. 


How it works:

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email that contains a link to our community Facebook page + your membership portal that will live in Kajabi.

The program officially begins March 1 - so you will begin to receive emails and stay in the loop so you have everything that you need to get situated and ready for our three months together.

Once you're in, you will likely start to notice massive shifts already starting to happen in your world. This is the integration period before EA where you will already begin to feel supported by the universe.

In the meantime, we can keep in touch through email ... and all of our official (fun, deep, expansive work) will begin when EA opens 🎉✨💃

There are (3) three pillars:

  1. Education - Pre-recorded modules, trainings, somatic life-changing meditations, and any supporting documents etc. that are needed to help you expand into your highest potential.
  2. Implementation - AKA the most important part. Each week you will have the opportunity to set an individual action plan to best support your goals. The length of this program is designed to provide comprehensive support and mentorship while you integrate this work into your life.
  3. Accountability - Use our private community thread (or Voxer if you choose VIP) to keep in touch about your goals and celebrate every step of the way.


Words from past clients:


During our work together, Rahaf doubled her income as a Grad School Professor, expanded her online reach from 700 to 73,000, created a beautiful healthy relationship for the first time ever, and learned how to truly show up as all parts of herself - allowing her to live a fully aligned life.

** and since this testimonial was recorded, she also started 2 businesses, and has remained an EA member**


During our work together, Brooke left her farming job to be financially and abundantly backed by her art business full time. She worked with global brands, planned an art tour around the country, transformed her relationships, and has a brand new outlook on life that has led to a floodgate of opportunities.

** and since this was recorded, Brooke made record breaking money with art, sold out online packages, and had her first gallery show in Palm Beach. She said she is "still buzzing and overflowing from our work." **

Exponential Alignment

is a 3-month, high touch group coaching program that gives you

intimate support as you step into your next level self


You will receive:

→ 12 weeks of detailed curriculum
→ Weekly 1:1 group hot seat style coaching calls
→ Weekly training videos + somatic meditations + homework practices
→ Group WhatsApp channel
→ Practices, Journal Prompts, Meditations, for life

Total value = over $9,500

Upgrade to VIP

→ You can choose to upgrade to VIP (most popular) to have private support from Jaden for 3 months via voice memo/message!
→VIP often includes business/ career coaching and guidance to create, and step into maximum alignment in your life & career.
→ Think of VIP as a go-to for ALL of your needs and desires from quick coaching around the inner work + a highly skilled entreprenuer & bestie in your back pocket.


Ready to join the Exponential Alignment Community?


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