$39.00 USD

5-Video Masterclass Series to Jumpstart Your Most Aligned Next Level

Hey, you. I know you came here to live a freedom filled life of purpose and energy.

💥 You don't only want to do meaningful work - you also want to live a life where you have so much energy it radiates through you as you walk down the street.

🌸 You want to feel incredible while you're doing your soul's work and also when someone cuts you off in traffic.

⚡️ You want un-fuck-with-able energy and peace that only comes from a regulated nervous system and someone who is genuinely living a life of deep alignment.

It's time to to live a life where you're completely on purpose, where you have all the time in the world to sip your coffee in the morning, and where you can book last minute trips to the mountains. Because - let's be real, you have one life to live & you don't want to spend it wishing you could book the plane ticket.

It's time to live the life you came here to live, once and for all.

Inside this masterclass you'll get:

  • A complete new framework around your purpose + the kind of clarity that is impossible to ignore
  • A guide to your nervous system - so you can learn how to get all parts of yourself on board with your new life
  • A total reframe on money and leadership that will catapult you into your next level.

The video topics are as follows:

  • Set Your High Level Vision
  • Master Your Nervous System
  • Money Mindset
  • Leadership Level Boundaries + Truth
  • Guide To Exponential Growth

All modules include a practice guide with journaling prompts that you can implement immediately.

Yes, this is a complete nervous system + mindset upgrade for your next level... all for the cost of lunch in San Diego.

See you on the inside.

- Jaden Hummel

Note: This is a live-recorded course and therefore there are absolutely no refunds. This is entirely self paced and does not include any live coaching or community support. You will have the material for life.