Jaden Hummel is a Life Coach + Mentor for powerful women and entrepreneurs who are devoted to living in their purpose. She is on a mission to create a world where more people live abundantly and are deeply connected to the truth of who they are. She is 2x certified as a Holistic Life Coach and Trauma Informed Life Coach and has devoted her existence to being on the cutting edge of personal development.

She is currently located in Los Angeles and travels frequently, working with clients online and in-person. Jaden's core philosophy is that when you follow your life's purpose you are happier, healthier, and make more money. She is here for "the journey" and her coaching meets you exactly where you are and helps you master your mind, heal your trauma, and create the most epic life possible. Her clients range from high-level entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, and athletes.

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Words from Clients:

My business has had so much more traffic and I feel secure in my path.”


- Raegan, Of the Earth Massage



Group Coaching Programs:

Soulship Membership

6 Month program that is a space of community and deep commitment to expansion, ease, and abundance in all pockets of life. Ready for your next big leap?


Exponential Alignment


3 Month program to go deep into the nervous system and open yourself up to a new level of ease and abundance. Ready to be radically supported on your journey + have an expansive community to meet with weekly?