About Jaden

I've spent the last 10+ years learning everything there is to know about personal transformation, nervous system regulation, somatic healing, and what it actually means to live a life of unwavering alignment.


Along the way, I became the CEO of multiple successful businesses across industries (yes, I have a BS in Entrepreneurship, but I also have a life degree in building highly profitable businesses!).

I’ve flipped houses, owned a window washing company, and traveled the world as a highly successful snowboarding coach. I’ve personally applied the skills I teach across a variety of industries, and I’ve guided my clients in applying them to careers from being an entrepreneur to a professional athlete, a public speaker, and everything in between.

The point is: the skills I teach about building a successful business transcend industry. And I didn’t just pull them out of thin air - I learned them over a period of years doing the work of alignment.

Through this work, I've gained a life of true freedom and happiness that so many people strive for. I’ve channeled these diverse modalities into my teachings, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

My work bridges the gap between the spiritual and practical. I’ve supported coaches, professional athletes, influencers, high level CEOs, and musicians to propel their careers forward while creating a juicy personal life that fills their cup.

I'm extraordinary at coaching, which (unfortunately) sets me apart in the coaching industry. People hire me because of my coaching, but they continue to sign on to work with me again and again because of my deep knowledge of the nervous system & how bodies and energy work together.

That’s why I have an 80% retention rate for my programs & a 100% retention rate for my private clients.

This isn’t about ego. My mathematical brain loves to solve problems, and it works with my intuition as an extremely powerful combination for entrepreneurs.

I’m certified as a Holistic Life Coach, Trauma Informed Life Coach, BS in Community Entrepreneurship, Reiki 1, Healing Touch Level 1 & 2, Energy Medicine, 200 hr YTT.

I know from personal experience in my own life, and the lives of 100s of clients over the years, that this sh*t works.

It works to expand your career, it works to build satisfying relationships, it works to make you more money, and it works to bring you greater happiness.

EVERYTHING you want is on the other side of your alignment. I can’t wait to support you on this journey.

What clients have said about working with Jaden…

“The space Jaden holds is potent and groundbreaking.”

– Rachel

“Jaden’s solution-based advice and outlook help me to feel unstuck in situations that would normally feel towering and overwhelming.”

– Taylor

“Jaden has a gift for seeing your power, and an incredible way of knowing exactly what you need to do to bring it out in yourself.”

– Amy

“Jaden sets the stage for an energetically open and kind space. She is a great facilitator.”

– Alison

“Working with Jaden, I gained powerful insights and momentum that I do not believe would develop as quickly in isolation.”

– Amber

“Alignment, support, and engagement. These three words best describe my experience with Jaden.”

– Reagan

“Take the steps and advice Jaden gives wholeheartedly without hesitations and you will watch yourself blossom into a fuller self!”

– Samantha