Bring your most extraordinary life into reality – one energetic shift at a time

The 3 month program for entrepreneurs & highly-skilled professionals who are ready to connect to their deepest purpose, master nervous system flexibility & align with their biggest vision for the future.

Create the business, finances, relationships, and impact that exceed your wildest dreams.


You came into this world with a unique blueprint for your success & impact. Now it’s time to live it.


  • Learn how to trust your intuition & get in flow with the abundance of life (no more feeling like you’re pushing a boulder up a hill!)
  • Feel calm and confident in your mind & body to do the things you want to do, especially when reaching your goals means making big moves
  • Get your nervous system on board with grounding your deepest desires into your present reality – in your finances, business/career, creative projects, and relationships 
  • Start using your truth as your trusted guide to build authentic & fulfilling relationships
  • Build time freedom into your daily schedule so you can relax & enjoy all parts of your life

Imagine your most meaningful life, where…

❌ Instead of hustling or acting out of integrity for the sake of your finances or career…

✅ … you know how to show up with balance & source your own wisdom to build a wildly successful business that nourishes your soul.

❌ Instead of letting fear, uncertainty, or a “lack of experience” (even though you have years of practice under your belt ) hold you back from growing your platform & reaching more people… 

✅ … you feel CONFIDENT expanding your reach & promoting yourself – without having to strive for what you want

❌ Instead of procrastinating on your goals or questioning if you’ll ever really be good enough to reach them… 

✅ … you have a crystal clear vision of the future you want & you know exactly the right action steps to take to get there

❌ Instead of clenching your jaw, feeling anxious, or going into fight or flight mode when you think about your finances, business, or next steps…

✅ … your nervous system is at a constant state of self-regulation that allows you to create every dream you want and more, with calm confidence.


It's time to relax into your deepest alignment, without limits.

Tell me if this sounds like you…


You know you’re amazing at what you do, people tell you that all the time… but you still find yourself wondering:

I’ve been building my skills for years, I’ve done the vision boarding, and my morning routine is an hour long… but it still feels like I might never get where I want to be. Do I really have what it takes to make it?

  • Can I be successful in a way that actually feels right?

  • Can I maintain this? How the heck do people do this without crashing & burning out??

  • The truth is - being highly skilled in your craft isn't enough to have a thriving life & a fulfilling career.

You likely won’t be able to reach your goals until you can align your beliefs, nervous system, and energy with the epic vision you have for the future.

Let me show you how.


What does it mean to live in total alignment?

Most people don’t know this – and that’s why they feel bored, directionless, and full of self-doubt.

When you're living in alignment, you're in flow with life. You trust yourself. Your nervous system conspires to support you in reaching your goals. And your dreams become bigger than you ever thought possible.

You’ll experience an influx of money, surprise new opportunities, and breakthroughs - simply by being alive.

Success flows to you with minimal effort. It’s the cherry on top of the extraordinary life you've created!

Alignment isn’t something you can learn from a book or podcast. It’s a new way of training yourself (mind, body, and spirit) to live.

And the more aligned you are, the more truth, connection, and joy you’ll experience every day.

Ready to get started?

Love notes from the EA Community...

“The community was so beautiful. I went into it skeptical, but everything always resonated, no matter who was in the hot seat for coaching. It always felt like, ‘I see myself in you.’

“It felt so good and so warm. I looked forward to every Wednesday morning. I feel chills just talking about it! Best decision I made in my life.

– Rahaf

“The group calls were expansive and supportive and absolutely everything I needed. They helped me with huge breakthroughs.

"I was able to accomplish every external goal I set in EA, but what’s even better is I accomplished internal ones that I hadn’t even considered.”

– Leah

“The community, weekly calls, and unwavering support takes you to a whole new level!!!

"So much can change and so so quickly 🚀”

– Kass

“Being in a group of women who are supporting one another, witnessing one another being coached…

"Sometimes, people were dealing with things you didn’t even realize you were dealing with – like damn, I needed to hear that! That was really helpful and beautiful.”

– Jelly

“I made every call, at 3:30am, from Australia!

"I’m so grateful for Jaden and all the women in the container with me. It was a magical experience.

"Alignment happened!

– Shelby

“When I came into EA, I knew I had goals I wanted to achieve but it was hard for me to actually feel like they were going to happen and get my whole self on board. I felt stuck and held back from where I really wanted to go. It really helped me to work through those things with Jaden and the community, learning to be vulnerable with the group.

I was on the fence about joining at first, but after the first week I was laughing at what a JOKE it was that I almost thought I didn’t need this! I cannot imagine now why I was going back and forth so much.

“I am so, so thankful that I am doing this. It’s been awesome discovering what I really want, setting goals, and learning how to achieve those goals in a simple way. I learned how to celebrate my success, own it, and receive all the abundance.

“It’s been so much fun. I loved the community that we had. It was such a unique experience to be able to share with our group of homies. Every single person is trying to achieve something really important to them. It can feel so scary on your own, but every week someone would share and someone else would say, ‘Me too!’ I’m shocked at how helpful that was.

I’m totally shocked at how much I’ve changed. So many things. My health! I’m so grateful for it. It’s been life changing, for sure.

Now, I know exactly what I want and exactly how to get there. I move through my days with so much more ease and focus. I just feel GOOD and excited - for the now and for the future.”

— Brooke

Are you ready to feel CONFIDENT in pursuing your dreams?

… whether that means speaking to a crowd of thousands, building a global reputation, becoming the biggest name in your field, or impacting more clients with your work

Are you ready to feel truly ABUNDANT?

… whether that means feeling supported by the money you already make, feeling at ease when you think about where next year’s money is coming from, or watching your bank account grow

Are you ready to build a daily schedule that SUPPORTS you?

… whether that means enjoying slow mornings, taking that vacation or going on the retreat you’ve been thinking about, or having hours every day to pursue your craft

Are you ready for life to feel CALM + SIMPLE while your goals become reality?

… that’s what happens when you get your nervous system on board!

Most personal development & business trainings completely miss the science of how REAL change happens.

The simplest & most powerful way to shift your reality is knowing how to soothe your body and understanding how energy is connected to every decision.

Any therapy, book, or practice session that fails to address your nervous system will only push you further away from your path.

Getting your nervous system on board with your goals will make even your most “could I really do that??” dreams start to feel easy & attainable.

Exponential Alignment is a mind/body/spirit training program where you’ll create a purposeful life that gets better with each passing day.

  • Learn to effectively set goals & take life-changing action that creates fast results in your life
  • Build a flexible nervous system through practice & somatic meditation –  the key to feeling deeper peace & aligning your life with your unique purpose
  • Create extraordinary relationships by tuning into your truth & setting boundaries that protect your time and energy
  • Transform your relationship to money on a nervous system & emotional level
  • Make success a non-negotiable in your life through alignment & personal training

Nothing is off limits. You will leave this program a totally evolved version of yourself.

And if you’re like my past clients, there's a high chance that you'll make more money, feel wildly empowered, be flush with opportunities, and feel absolutely stoked on life by the time you’re done.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Create Exponential Alignment

Set the tone for your aligned journey to moving forward towards what you really want

  • Embark on a journey to reach your goals that becomes more aligned as time goes on
  • Discover how to stop making decisions out of fear or scarcity, and instead feel well-equipped for making decisions from your true Self
  • Open yourself up to synchronicity and the unknown

Module 3: Exceed Your Goals

Set exciting, tangible goals you want to achieve in your life

  • Learn tips to get out of your own way so you don’t sabotage your success
  • Constantly re-center what you truly want, so you don’t get distracted on the way there

Plus, a Meditation to Expand Your Capacity so you can continually evolve and hit bigger & bigger goals.

Module 4: The Full Experience (Body + Mind Integration)

Your past is the only thing that interferes with where you want to go - and the past lives in your body. Learn how to connect to your younger self & release outdated beliefs

  • Discover how transference and childhood trauma can get in the way of you meeting your goals
  • Identify your triggers & learn how to create internal safety when they come up

Plus, a powerful Somatic Meditation to master your stubborn parts. This will make sure ALL of you is on board with what you want, so the energy doesn’t get stuck in your body and hold you back.

Module 5: Build a Flexible & Well-Equipped Nervous System

Flow through the three states of your nervous system so you always know how to shift yourself into feeling good – even on rough days

  • Learn my unique framing for healing trauma and moving forward that my clients rave about
  • Discover how to move yourself through a funk and into positive energy on demand

Plus, my much-loved Flexible Nervous System Meditation to show you how to elevate your emotions & align to your highest self in real time.

Module 6: Amplify Your Truth

Use your truth as a guiding light so when you lay your head down at the end of the night, you feel good about where you are & what you accomplished

  • Create an expansive definition of success that encompasses your lived experience
  • Ditch people pleasing & codependency
  • Release any guilt, shame, or fear around expressing your truth - because sharing your truth makes the world a better place

Module 7: Transform Your Money Mindset & Create Financial Abundance

Money amplifies all of who we are

  • Discover how to shift your internal energy, so you can actually have everything you want
  • Feel relaxed & easeful around money
  • Regulate your nervous system so you can surrender into the energy of being supported & receiving 

Plus, my Money Mantra Meditation to bring more cash & abundance into your life.

Module 8: Make Success a Non-Negotiable

This is the key to truly aligning with your purpose - set yourself up to never back down from what you want

  • Connect to your motivation to keep going when challenges arises
  • Learn my tips for scheduling rest & renewal into your life
  • Identify the stories holding you back & blast through them

This program is for you if… 

  • You’re a soul-led entrepreneur or highly-skilled professional (athlete, coach, health practitioner, public speaker, etc.) devoted to living a life of expansion and fulfillment.
  • You started your business/career for more than just making money. You want to feel fulfilled when you lay your head down at night.
  • You’re not interested in hustling to get by. You desire to live a balanced life where you're free to sip your coffee and move through life with time freedom.
  • You want to transform your relationship with money – by welcoming more into your life, having a plan for your next steps financially, or feeling more sustained & easeful with the money you already make.
  • You’re seeking some 1:1 support on your journey. (While this program is self-paced, you do get weekly group calls with me for direct support, and you have the option to purchase one-off calls with me as needed.)

This program is not for you if…

  • You want a hard-and-fast rule book or someone else telling you exactly what to do. (Hint: all those “proven” approaches don’t really work, anyway). In this program, you’ll learn how to self-source answers so that your work can be fully aligned with your soul’s unique blueprint.

  • You’re brand new to business, you haven’t gotten anyone results yet, you don’t know what you want to do or why you want to do it.

You're unique. You need a unique-to-you approach that actually works to create extraordinary results.

What you’ll get…

When you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the info you need. You’ll get instant access & you can get started right away.

You'll start to notice shifts immediately start to happen in your world, even before you dive into the work, as the universe conspires in your favor.

💻 8 Video Modules to transform your nervous system and create exponential alignment in your life (value $3,500)

🧘‍♀️ 5 Somatic Meditations to rewire your patterns while you lay down (value $1,500)

📄 9 Practice Worksheets to transform your relationship to self and take action forward (value $1,800)

⚡️ 3 Months of LIVE Group Calls to uplevel your growth and alignment (value $3333)

💜 3 Months Access to Our Community to meet other like-minded leaders, crowdsource advice, and share about your experience

 🌞 Somatic Morning Practice to move through any emotion and begin your day empowered (value $999)

💫 2 Years Access to All Program Content, so you can go through it at your own pace

🛠 BONUS toolbox to release guilt in any situation, confidence blast your life, + bonus breathwork + more. (value $1,200)


TOTAL VALUE: $12,332

The price:  $4,997 

Price to sign up today = $3,500


The first step is to book a call with Jaden...

Yes! I want to see if this is a good fit!

Note: If you have the means, we would prefer you choose to pay in full or select the three month payment plan. If you have debt and/or you do not have an emergency savings, we've provided longer payment options.

REAL results from past clients…

“We are live, Jaden!! Business number 2 is up and running! 2 businesses created in 2 months are you kidding me right now?! You are absolutely the most magical human I have ever met. I love you so much 🥹😭”

– Rahaf

“Thank you so much for all your support and love and belief in me. I made this happen, but you are the one who showed me that I could!

– Lindsey

“I got TWO 6 figure job offers today!”

– Sofia

“Ahhh thank you for this space and always offering support and celebration and safety ”

– Courtney

"When I joined Exponential Alignment I felt stuck in a job and in my life, but I did not know how to take the next step or trust the process! I know what my passions are and with Jaden't support, I left the job, gave myself a much needed sabbatical, and found a new, more aligned career making 35% more."


“Major major gratitude this morning. Things feel like they are falling into place, and I believe and feel that they are with less and less fear every day :) The lightness of “this is my life” is more and more powerful each day. Im waking up to this insane beautiful life that is just happening :) It’s crazy. Things seem lighter and easier each day. I’m so grateful. Working with you is LIFE CHANGING 🙌 Doing things I never thought I could do ❤️  with the coolest people in the coolest places?!?!”

– Jen

Hi, I’m Jaden

I spent my early twenties traveling around the world teaching snowboarding, starting businesses, and trying to follow my dreams. Along the way, I became the CEO of multiple successful businesses across industries (yes, I have a BS in Entrepreneurship, but I also have a life degree in building highly profitable businesses!).

Ultimately, I ended up burning out from the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship without deep alignment. 

I wanted to have money and the freedom to work from anywhere. But more importantly I wanted to look back on life and know that I wasn't wasting my gifts.

So I quit my job and followed my number one calling in life - to be in conversation with people about living incredible lives. 

I've spent the last 10+ years learning everything there is to know about personal transformation, nervous system regulation, somatic healing, and what it actually means to live a life of unwavering alignment.

Through this work, I've gained a life of true freedom and happiness that so many people strive for. Which is why I put it all into one program - Exponential Alignment.

I have worked with professional athletes, influencers, high level CEOs, and musicians to help them transform their careers and their lives.

My work bridges the gap between the spiritual and practical - and everything in between.

Here are some of my professional certs: Holistic Life Coach, Trauma Informed Life Coach, BS in Community Entrepreneurship, Reiki 1, Healing Touch Level 1 & 2, Energy Medicine, 200 hr YTT.

I look forward to supporting you inside of Exponential Alignment.

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Your dream reality is waiting for you inside.

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