Supercharge your life’s purpose & create exponential growth towards your dreams.

Jumpstart your Next Level

5-Video Masterclass Series to an Exponentially Aligned Life with Jaden Hummel

Craft a UNIQUE action plan to build your most aligned, purposeful & abundant life with confidence.



You came here to live a freedom-filled life of purpose and energy… 

But most days, you wake up feeling energetically drained, resentful of your responsibilities, and overall bored with life.

 💥 You don't just want a decent life - you want a life you can tell your grandchildren about.

🌸 You want to feel confident setting boundaries that preserve your time & energy and maybe even saying NO to all the B.S. people try to throw on your plate.

⚡️ You want un-f**k-with-able energy and the peace that only comes from a regulated nervous system.

It's time to live your life completely on purpose… where you have all the time in the world to sip your coffee in the morning, you feel relaxed all the time (not just in the 20 mins you’re meditating), and all the juicy things you’ve been telling yourself “might” happen “one day” become your present reality.

Because - let's be real, you have one life to live. You don't want to spend it daydreaming about a completely different life. You want to be able to look back and feel like you’ve played full out.


It's time to live the life you came here to live, once and for all.

In this 5-part masterclass, you’ll…

  • Clarify the high level vision you are meant to bring into the world & take actionable steps to begin living your most aligned life!
  • Supercharge your goals by connecting to your nervous system and getting every part of yourself on board with your juicy new life
  • Reframe your relationship with money & welcome in deeper gratitude and abundance, whether you want to triple your income or feel more expansive with the money you already make
  • Step into more aligned leadership by learning how to honestly communicate your needs, especially when it’s difficult

Most importantly…

You’ll set yourself up to EXPAND and keep expanding into alignment – no matter what hurdles come up along the way! 

Here’s what’s inside…


// This series includes 5 masterclasses on creating your most aligned life and a Welcome video.

// Each video is under 20 mins - so you can start implementing what you learn TODAY and very quickly see tangible results.

// You can choose to binge the content all at once or break it up over 5 days – whichever approach feels aligned with YOUR needs & schedule.

Video 1: Discover Your True North

  • Connect to the most aligned future of yourself and imagine what it would look/feel like to be completely unbound – because data shows that when you follow your alignment, you’re more likely to make money, help the people around you, and have more energy to show up for what you want

  • Understand the powerful link between your energy, nervous system & actions (this is the KEY to moving forward with greater alignment)

  • Create an honest vision for what you want to create in your life to align your business/career, finances, personal life, and relationship with yourself with where you want to be one year from now

Plus 5 journaling prompts to help you find clarity around the unique high level vision that you were put here to create, and breakthrough your doubts around making your vision a reality

Video 2: Reality Check

  • Discover common blocks that could be holding you back from achieving your high level vision
  • Tune into your environment to understand the practical side of how your day-to-day actions & behaviors could be influencing you from reaching your goals 
  • Identify what’s working in your life & what’s working against you to help your aligned vision blossom to life

Plus 4 journaling prompts to support you in creating + achieving actionable goals related to your high level vision.

Video 3: Master Your Nervous System

  • Get your nervous system on board with your goals so you can start making immediate progress forward, while feeling safe & held

  • Discover how to stay in the energy of the vision you want to create, instead of falling off or getting distracted 

  • Tap into the secret to going BIG and doing things you’ve never done that you’ve been dreaming about, even if that means taking risks

Plus 4 journaling prompts to support you in feeling safe & loved as you embark on this part of your journey towards alignment.

Video 4: Two Major Breakthroughs: Money & Aligned Communication

  • Embody the belief that it is good for your to make money – even if you have a history of money trouble, you learned that money is negative, or you feel guilty charging for your work

  • Fine-tune your nervous system to align with the amount of money you want to make, whether that means fully leaning into your current income or making way more!
  • Free yourself from codependency and people pleasing, learn to speak your true feelings & start honoring your boundaries

  • Lock in these 2 major breakthroughs so you can go out in the world & ASK for what you want with strength & confidence – and actually get it!

Plus 5 journaling prompts to deepen your relationship with money, start receiving what you want, and feel EXCITED about the number in your bank account.

And 5 more prompts to help you identify where in your life you aren’t speaking your truth so you can begin introducing more authenticity and depth into your life.

Video 5: Your Guide to Unlocking Exponential Growth

  • How to lock into a state of expansion that will have a ripple effect out, energizing and motivating yourself & everyone around you!
  • Ditch scarcity mindset – even if it’s showing up in sneaky subconscious ways
  • Learn how to hold gratitude & growth at the same time, instead of sinking into a more, more, more mindset that will keep you distracted from your highest state of being

Plus 4 journaling prompts to help you identify where in your life you aren’t speaking your truth so you can begin introducing more authenticity and depth into your life.

This is a complete nervous system + mindset upgrade for your next level... all for the cost of lunch.

What’s included

  • Welcome Video introducing you to this work (VALUE $19)
  • 5 Masterclass Videos to supercharge your journey to greater alignment (VALUE $99)
  • 5 Practice Guides with prompts & activities to support you in implementing everything you learn (VALUE $49)

Value: $167

Available today for just $37

Note: This is a live-recorded course and therefore there are absolutely no refunds. This is entirely self paced and does not include any live coaching or community support. You will have the material for life. 


Shifting your energy 1% is enough to transform your life.

If all you do for yourself this week is go through the Jumpstart Your Next Level masterclass series…

By this time next week, you could have a crystal-clear vision for your future and a mapped out plan to get there with deeper enjoyment and ease.

Trust me - your fully aligned future self will thank you.