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Create the momentum-generating goal that will activate your most aligned life.

For a limited time, when you download the masterclass you’ll also receive the Integration Workbook with 30+ prompts to help you apply the teachings & start taking action immediately.

Are you getting what you want out of life? Like really, really want?

Most people
don’t even realize they aren’t being fully honest with themselves when they think about what they want.

So when they think about their future goals & plan their next steps, they keep playing small.

When that happens, life often feels heavy and stuck. You wonder if you’re really cut out for what you want. When minor successes come, they’re never as satisfying as you expect them to be.

Why? Because your soul knows you’re capable of so much more.

In the Alignment Upgrade Masterclass, I’ll show you how to rework your identity around success & upgrade your alignment so things happen much more easily for you.

You’ll create a momentum-generating goal (based on cutting-edge research) that brings automatic abundance into your life.

You’ll overcome barriers standing in the way of your alignment – even ones you didn’t know you had. Especially ones that have been keeping you stuck for years.

And when you move through my famous envisioning practice, a crystal clear vision of your ideal future will emerge with action steps you can start taking right away to get there.

Here’s what attendees have said about this free training

You need this training if…

  • You want to feel deep freedom (around your time, career, and spirit) by aligning with your life’s purpose
  • You’re ready to overcome financial scarcity & increase your income
  • You’re done settling. You want every day to feel extraordinary

But mostly…

You’re here to play all out and live an incredible life.

It’s time to rise into the next level (and insanely grounded) version of yourself with the CONFIDENCE to pursue even your biggest dreams.


I’m Jaden, your guide for deeper alignment.

For the past 10 years, I’ve supported leaders at the top of their fields to propel their careers forward while creating a juicy personal life. As a natural action-taker, I’ve built successful businesses across industries.

I channel diverse modalities into my teachings – from nervous system regulation to somatic healing – to help you gain the life of true freedom and happiness that so many people strive for. Here, you will discover what it means to live in unwavering alignment.

I’m certified as a Holistic Life Coach, Trauma Informed Life Coach, BS in Community Entrepreneurship, Reiki 1, Healing Touch Level 1 & 2, Energy Medicine, 200 hr YTT.

Your truth and desires always lead you on the most expansive path forward. I can’t wait to be your guide on this journey towards a life you love.

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