017 - Leap Before You’re Ready. From Corporate “Bleh” to Successful Studio Owner - With Katie Blomberg (of Her Elevated)

Every time you take a step toward what you actually want with your life, you gain clarity and momentum that only propels you forward. Most people wait around to feel ready and certain - but the reality is that if you think you’re ready it’s probably too late.

Tune into this HELLA inspiring story about how Katie Blomberg left the corporate world to live a more fulfilling life and impact the lives of thousands of women. She didn’t quite know what the future would look like (can you relate?) but she started by following the nudge to become a personal trainer, and ended up opening Her Elevated in Sacramento, CA.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of taking a leap before you’re certain
  • Katie’s beautiful story about opening Her Elevated
  • How following your purpose propels your healing in every area of life
  • How the best case scenario is actually always working out!

If you’d like to get connected with Katie (highly recommend), you can find her links below:




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