025 - Say YES to the Part of Yourself That Wants Something More

In this podcast episode, Jaden reflects on her journey from Vermont to Oregon to Los Angeles, and the importance of nurturing the part of yourself that desires something more. She discusses the role of mentorship, the fear of regret that all humans face, and the beauty of self-reflection and curiosity. 

She encourages to explore the gray area and not be afraid of finding out what is truly in alignment.

Key Points:

  • The greatest gift in the world is being able to see ourselves in the experience of others.
  • We have a human response to prove ourselves right and stay in situations longer than we should.
  • Our greatest fear is regretting or wasting time.
  • The answer is to love and nurture the part of oneself that desires something else.
  • The gray area is where the answers are found.
  • It's important to explore what we want and be curious.
  • Mentorship can unlock and open up parts of ourselves we never knew existed.

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