026 - Astrology for Self Understanding & Expansion - with Reena SenGupta

There is this larger conversation happening with the planets and the energies that they're sending down. And we can become part of that conversation for our wider self-awareness and for our evolution.

This podcast is all about introducing new tools to understand yourself and connect deeper to who you are & we are so excited to introduce our incredible friend and Astrologer, Reena SenGupta, to provide an easy to grasp and explanation about how to understand and use astrology!

It is no secret that the moon and planets affect our oceans and tides - and they have a major impact on us as well. It's time to understand Astrology -- beyond the "horoscopes" section in your local newspaper.

In this episode of the Every Day Is a Breakthrough podcast, you'll learn how astrology can be used as a tool for self-discovery and understanding your purpose in life. Jaden & Reena discuss the importance of understanding astrology fundamentals, individual placements, and the significance of your signs.

Key Points:

  • Astrology has been majorly misrepresented in the mainstream. It is actually a powerful tool for self-awareness and personal evolution & you can learn how to use it.
  • Your sun sign is not the strongest component of your chart, so focusing on your rising sign is more beneficial. Reena explains what that means & how to do it.
  • Your rising sign reflects your energetic makeup, how you evolve and grow, and how you can avoid your shadow traits. This is a potent way to understand yourself.
  • Plus more about Reena's journey about following her purpose and doing this kind of work as her career!

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