032 - The Ecosystem of Empowered Evolution - Group Call Replay

Have you been visualizating and practicing gratitude, and yet your goals are not landing in reality?

Having a positive mindset is only a small piece of the puzzle, and it is not even 100% necessary.

In this episode, I'm laying out the exact ecosystem & foundation that will allow you to bring your wildest dreams into reality in a way that feels aligned, grounded, and stable.

This is a group call replay, where I share:

  • The triangle of a healthy forward-moving nervous system (Grounded, Devoted, and Flexible)
  • A mini-part of our famous Exponential Alignment nervous system flexibility meditation
  • How you can amplify your environment for success

This is a group call replay for the Gratitude Challenge. If you'd like to download the PDF that is mentioned on this episode & join the challenge, you can do so here: www.jadenhummel.com/challenge ✨

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