039 - You Need Sisterhood to Live an Abundant & Aligned Life - with Reta Moretti

Do you still feel jealous or in competition with other women? Do you sometimes feel like there isn't enough to go around? The good news - it's not your fault! And there's a brighter future ahead.

In today's episode, I had the absolute honor of sitting with Reta Moretti, the founder of Sacred Sisters.

She shares:

  • How she "healed" her sisterhood wound and teamed up with her best friends to create an incredible community of women all over the world
  • How deep alignment and intention led to a viral community overnight

What you'll receive:

  • A giant permission slip to move out of competition with other women so you can harness your most abundant life
  • Practical life & business advice to take action on your most aligned vision
  • A life changing perspective on the power of sisterhood

This episode is a hug to your soul & I hope you receive the absolute most out of it.

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IG - @sacredsisters @reta.grace
Website to join Sacred Sisters: www.sacredsisters.co

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