050 - Networking & Marketing Genius + Founder of Locally Well, Marta Giri

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We're not on lockdown anymore - it's time to expand your local community, network, and marketing strategy.

Meet Marta Giri, a networking & marketing genius + founder of Locally Well, a local news company covering all things wellness in San Diego. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Marta soon after moving to San Diego. I attended one of her networking events and have since been to many (they are really fun). Since attending her events, I've met people to swap podcasts with, made friends, found a new health insurance broker, and even won a psychic medium session after a full moon circle event.

I share all this to say - networking in-person can be fun and this is your sign to START!

If you run a local or online business, this episode is for you. We're covering:

  • How local connections can transform business (you don't need to live on social media if you don't want to)
  • How in-person events foster instant trust and why they are essential
  • Why it's important to be yourself online & how you can reframe your relationship with social media
  • Collaboration as a marketing strategy you'll actually enjoy
  • Why you need to stay in your lane and build a network of referrals 

This episode is so fun and will wake up your primal instincts to get back into community (while making more money in your business).

Connect with Marta / Locally Well:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/locallywell/ 

Site: https://www.locallywell.com/

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