021 - Your Current Situation is Your Superpower

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On today's episode I'm diving into one of the number one questions I get from my entrepreneur clients -- "How do you deal with the slow season before you have everything you want?" or better yet "How do I know how much rest is too much rest?"

A very big part of following your life's purpose will be unlearning things, clearing a slate that may not have been serving you, and learning to do things in a whole new way.

On this episode I'm covering:
- How we can make our current situation our superpower 
- How to navigate rest and/or the slow season before we have everything we want (if that applies to you)
- How I remained in an abundant mindset before my dreams landed in reality & why that has allowed me to build an even more successful career

This episode will help you transition from scarcity into abundance and realize that your current situation is superpower - no matter what career or life path you're on.

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