022 - Turn Up Your Power & Amplify Your Mission Through Storytelling - with Caroline Aylward

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Your story is the core of who you are. It is also your power, your brand, your impact, and your connection.

It is time to unleash your power and step fully into the truth of who you are - so you can create more joy and impact in your life. This episode will help you access your most grounded and expansive truth.

On this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Caroline Aylward - a storytelling podcast queen and powerful soul - who works with some of the most influential women in the online space.

On this episode, Caroline shares her story about how she left an undesirable job to pursue her dreams where she is now a Filmmaker, Podcast Producer and Storytelling Coach, as well as the founder of Get A Helmet Studio, a full-service production company creating Brand Documentaries and top-rated Podcasts for women in business.

We also dive into:
- the importance of taking a life changing opportunity & choosing to trust ourselves to see our purpose come to life
- insider tips on getting support for your mind & nervous system
- how following your purpose brings you closer to your purpose - but why entrepreneurship is not always the answer ;)
- how to turn your voice on to create more impact

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