023 - Building a Flexible Nervous System: Why it's Essential for a Happy Life

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In this episode, Jaden talks about the importance of having a flexible and regulated nervous system to handle triggers and stress in life and create more room for joy! She shares her personal experience of creating drama around needing an office and then realizing her favorite place to work is sitting on the floor.

She also emphasizes the need to advocate for yourself and the permission to shift things in your life before knowing exactly what you wants. As well as the importance of feeling grounded and safe in order to experience more good in life.

Key Points:

  • Building a flexible nervous system is essential to feel grounded and safe in order to experience more joy in life.
  • Advocating for yourself and shifting things before knowing exactly what you want is key to moving forward
  • A flexible nervous system does not mean you don't experience stress/sadness. It means that you have better response to triggers and chaos in life.
  •  The importance of practicing coming back to what feels true and whole for yourself.
  • Orienting your actions from a place of rich energy is the key to aligned action.

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