030 - Good Things Come from an Unwavering Commitment to Alignment. Career Transitions, Grief, and Purpose - with Sam Segalas-Shaw

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It's not about urgently "finding" your purpose. It's about listening to the subtle cues that lead you where you were always meant to go. This wildly inspiring episode shares about Sam's experience of being a student of alignment & grief, and how this journey has lead her to her purpose project.

On this episode, I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing my longtime client & dear human, Sam Segalas-Shaw, about her journey of following her purpose in life.

We cover:

  • Working with coaches and how seeking support can help navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.
  • Knowing what you want and staying true to your vision ultimately leads to finding the most aligned opportunities.
  • Letting go of self-imposed pressure and accepting failures as part of the journey is crucial for growth and success
  • Walking away from something that doesn't feel good can lead to amazing opportunities.
  • Isolation hinders ideas, and being part of a supportive group is crucial for personal and professional growth.
  • Connecting with individuals at different stages of their own journeys offers valuable learning experiences - You'll get the inside scoop of Sam's journey being in Soulship, Exponential Alignment, and being a private client (where she began).
  • Weaving purpose into our lives doesn't always have to be tied to our careers, but can enhance our overall fulfillment.
  • Grief. How the sudden loss of Sam's father shaped her journey & how she's using this opportunity to give back to others.

Sam is such an incredible human and I really hope you enjoy this episode. Her grief workbook is in the creation mode right now. If you'd like to follow along for updates you can find her on IG @life_0f_sam

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