031 - Transform Your Life With Gratitude

There are one million tools tools that can change your life for the better. And the most simple one is gratitude. Chances are, you're already using this powerful tool daily. But how tuned in are you? How often are you wishing away the present for something better? This episode will help you get plugged back into living your most alive & aligned life.

Tune in as I do some deep reflection from Vermont, the place where I leaned into the most personal development and ALSO taught myself not to wish away the present.

Key Points:

  • The goal of life is to enjoy what you have while also being open to more.
  • Isolation is the number one trauma response, having support is essential.
  • Taking care of yourself allows you to show up for the world in a bigger way.
  • Gratitude for the present moment is the key to living a fulfilling life & opening up more aligned and synchronistic doors.
  • Holding the duality of being grateful and wanting more is the black belt of life.
  • Gratitude is the foundation of abundance.

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