034 - From Slopes to Soul: A Journey of Intuition, Love, and Transformation with Shelby Trevillian, a Ski Resort Worker turned Breathwork Entrepreneur and Skate Mom

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In today's episode, we have a very special guest and past Exponential Alignment client whose incredible journey will leave you motivated and ready to chase your own dreams. Join us as we sit down with Shelby Trevillian, who transformed her life from working at a ski resort to manifesting love, family, and a transformational breathwork company.

She's not only following her intuition and passions but also empowering other moms through cacao ceremony skate meetups. Tune in as we explore her journey of self-discovery and the remarkable results she achieved through Exponential Alignment.

You'll feel her soul vibrating through this entire episode -- prepare to be inspired.

We cover:

  • The fear of following your dreams and how to overcome it
  • The importance of sisterhood & community and how she found that in EA
  • Moving from the US to New Zealand to follow her dreams, and how you can too
  • Managing expectations and boundaries for success
  • The key ingredients to feeling fulfilled in your life

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