052 - How to take care of yourself when you're busy

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It's time to revolutionize your self-care. No matter how busy you get, taking care of yourself needs to be an automatic part of who you are.

On today's episode, I'm peeling back the curtains on how I've doubled down on self-care and energy work in the busiest time period of my life & how that's been essential for my expansion and also my health.

It is not sustainable to plow through life and forget about yourself. On today's episode, you'll learn how to blend ambition with inner peace and find YOUR non-negotiables for a balanced, joy-filled life. Even if you sometimes fall into the hustle culture.

On this episode I'll cover:

  • The reality of my day-to-day as an entrepreneur who also loves to travel
  • Setting boundaries and non-negotiables as an act of love
  • Aligning your energy and schedule
  • Balancing work and life

There are a lot of people on the internet who claim to only work 4 hours per day and make millions of dollars. Although that may be sort of true (if you're only counting direct screen time and/or scheduled calls), most entrepreneurs I think about work around the clock.

As an entrepreneur (or human) it is essential to prioritize you. Because what's happening right now, is life. And you're here to enjoy it.

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