055 - How to have a healthy & thriving relationship - with Meleah Manning

Throw away the dating checklists! It's time to get real about what matters in relationships.

Are you calling in a new relationship? Are you ready for your current relationship to thrive?

A relationship is the direct mirror to the relationship you have with yourself. And here's some good news - you can have incredible and authentic love, no matter where you are in your life.

I'm so excited to have Meleah Manning on the podcast today to share her brilliant and aligned values and secrets about dating.

On today's episode, you'll dive deep into the dynamics of dating, the path to authentic intimacy, and the transformative power of self-trust in navigating romantic relationships. Get ready for relationships that will reshape your approach to finding and creating long-lasting love.

Key Points:

  • Aligned love 101 - how to create it & keep it
  • Healthy love & personal power
  • Doing the deep work in a way that doesn't suck
  • Safety = how you show up in a relationship
  • The ultimate green flags you must know
  • What true intimacy really means

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