059 - Embrace Imposter Syndrome to Access VITALITY - with Bolanle Fanilola

Holy moly - this is a fun episode. Have you dealt with imposter syndrome? Do you feel like no matter what you do, your old trauma holds you back? Are you ready for true vitality?

I know we cover A LOT about the nervous system, energy, and parts work on the podcast - but today you're getting a whole new flavor. Bola, of Healing Ventures, is sharing how she embraced imposter syndrome to access true vitality - and how you can do the same.

You might be held back by the fear of your own shadow. Maybe you don't want to try something before you have it all figured out. But what if you just let it be? What if you let yourself be the imposter for once?

Grab your notebook - because this episode is filled with golden nuggets that you'll want to take with you, into your next level 🚀

Key Points:

  • How to embody 'The Fool'
  • Discover how to unravel trauma beyond spoken words
  • Confronting lies vs. radical honesty + how to access your truth
  • Understanding 'natural aggression' as vitality 

Get in contact with Bola of The Healing Ventures - 

IG & TikTok: @TheHealingVentures
Website: https://thehealingventures.techchak.com/

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