061 - From Eco-Anxiety to Spiritual Guide: How Plants Helped Her Find Purpose - with Rachael Cohen

Living in alignment (and choosing the right career) can be the ultimate healer.

Join me on today's episode to hear Rachael Cohen's story of healing her eco-anxiety and finding her purpose after a 10+ year journey of environmental work. 

Rachael Cohen is a Nature based spiritual life coach, plant connector, intuitive medium and author. When her experiences as an environmental educator, wild animal specialist and mother left her anxious and distraught over society’s destruction of Nature, Rachael cultivated a creative relationship with plants that awakened her spiritual gifts and transformed her life. She first founded Infinite Succulent, specializing in plant art connections, and then Our Infinite Nature, for facilitating and growing spiritual connections with nature. 

Rachael is also the author of Everyday Plant Magic: Change your Life through the Magical Energy of Nature (Hardie Grant, 2022) and Infinite Succulent: Miniature Art to Keep or Share (Countryman Press, 2019) and the soon to be released Self Care for Ecoanxiety: 52 Weekly Practices for Positive Personal Change Through the Power of Nature (Hardie Grant, 2024). 

Key Points on today's episode :

  • The healing nature of earth & how we are interconnected
  • Bravery vs. Integrity - how you know when you're doing your soul's work
  • Spiritual work intertwined with self compassion

To connect with Rachael, please visit OurInfiniteNature.co 

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