066 - Your identity shapes your reality. How you might be holding yourself back + how to move forward - solo jam

Before you do anymore breathwork, yoga, or Tony Robbins seminars - you might want to take a look at how your identity is shaping your current reality.

One of our primary motivations as humans is survival. And back in the day, survival meant you had to fit in with the pack.

On top of that, we will do just about anything to prove ourselves right - which means that we will subconsciously stay connected to whatever we self identify with.

If you live in Vermont and work at a brewery making a certain amount of money - you might identify with beer drinkers, connect with people about the rising cost of housing, and shop at the local outdoors store.

If you live in California and work in tech, you might identify with 95-ers, connect with people who are new homeowners, and shop at the local boutiques.

If you're a skateboarder, you might identify with people who do things their own way, live to create the most time freedom, and wear baggy (but trendy clothes).

And my guess is that you have a handful of different identities that shape who you are. I'm a mix of all of the above...

Anyway - the KEY to unlocking new levels in your life is noticing where you are holding yourself back through self identifying and "survival" mechanism to fit in with the pack.

Tune in today for the breakthrough you might be looking for.

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