078 - How to look amazing on Instagram and get clients from your content. THE Super-genius Marketing Episode - with Jenna Warriner

Are you feeling confused by the ever-changing and evolving abyss of SOCIAL MEDIA!? You want to make money online and yet you feel a deep desire to pull the covers over your head and lay in bed on a Tuesday afternoon instead of posting a reel?

Or maybe... just maybe... you're already making bank online, you've been showing up consistently, and there's still something missing. You look around and think... is this really what I have to do for the rest of my life? I'd rather be planting kale in my garden.

If you shook your head "yes" to any of that, then this podcast is for you. Today, I present to you... the most super-genius 60 minute podcast about how you can use Instagram to make money in a way that feels authentic and supportive.

Jenna Warriner is a Marketing Coach, Social Media Management agency owner, and host of the Shiny New Clients Podcast. Through her program Magic Marketing Machine, she helps service-based business owners use her proven marketing formula to look amazing on instagram and get clients from their content.

She brings a dynamic and world class view to marketing from her background as an actor. (But it's' not what you think, this isn't about dancing in reels). In this podcast, she answers all your questions about how to make money on social media, how to be authentic, and the key components that really matter. You'll likely find this to be the most valuable social media conversation you've ever tuned into.

Key points:

  • How Jenna's IG blew up. What she did, and what you can do to create the same results
  • The possibility vs. the stress of online marketing
  • Marketing strategy vs. aimless posting
  • The secret sauce to always speak to your exact client - no matter what you're selling
  • The exact posts you need to be making every week in order to get clients
  • How to show up on social media when you'd rather be hiding in the woods or you feel like "social media just isn't for me"
  • The number one thing getting in your way of creating great content

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