028 - Revolutionize Your Sex Life & Intimacy - with Elena Rossi

"I'd rather have sex once a month that takes four hours of just tender, sweet, nurturing lovemaking, then have 20 minutes of sex every other day of the week."

It is time to revolutionize your sex life, have the most connected relationships, and create a life of emotional safety.

On this episode, Elena Rossi, female libido specialist, shares exactly how you can have incredible turned on relationships in your life.

On this episode, we share about the importance of emotional safety, individualized support, and taking time for self-healing in female sexuality. We challenge traditional beliefs and emphasize the need for nurturing, slow lovemaking, and prioritizing emotional and physical well-being - so that you can have the most turned on and connected relationships.

Key Points:

  • The dangers of generic sex/relationship advice
  • How to create a thriving relationship (from the first 1-10 dates)
  • The significance of emotional safety in enjoying a fulfilling and satisfying sex life
  • How fear driven behaviors sabotage our sex lives & how to shift that for good
  • What to look for in a coach, where to begin, and how to do this work
  • Navigating "doing the work" with your partner
  • How to create a deeper level of emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental fulfillment in your life

This episode is filled with love, humor, and practical tips. I hope it nourishes and expands you in all the ways.

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