063 - From substance abuse to full time energy worker. How alignment can heal the deepest parts of you - with Elena Clemow

The impact of living a life that isn't true to you can be serious. Over the years of doing alignment work, people have reported healing eating disorders, drug addiction, toxic relationship patterns, alcoholism, anxiety & depression, and more.

Alignment isn't always the answer to healing these deeper parts of yourself, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Elena Clemow, today's podcast guest, was my FIRST accountability partner when I started my business. It was such a gift to go way back with her & get to share her incredible story.

In this episode, Elena generously shares her story about how finding her purpose led her to immediately stop using drugs and to start living a life of purpose. Elena found purpose through Chinese Face Reading, which she now shares with clients around the world - as well as energetic clearing, and elevation coaching.

Key points today:

  • Healing through purpose
  • Face reading as a tool to deepen alignment
  • How elements reveal life patterns & what you could learn
  • Overcoming substance abuse & what that could mean in your life
  • Energy sensitivity as a hidden strength
  • How to align your values for a truly authentic life

Connect with Elena @elenathefacereader on IG + www.facereadme.com

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