065 - From fear of heights to Olympic Skateboarder + Pioneer, with Amelia Brodka of Exposure Skate

In order to do something incredible, you have to be willing to show up *especially* when you're facing failures and it feels like all odds are against you.

If you've been giving it your all and you still feel like you're miles away, this episode will give you a major burst of motivation.

Join me on the podcast today with Amelia Brodka, an Olympic Skateboarder and Executive Director of Exposure Skate, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women, girls, trans and non-binary individuals through skateboarding and teaching compassion through service. Exposure not only serves as the world’s largest skateboarding event for non-traditional skateboarders but also holds year-round programming that teaches youth and adults alike to skate and give back to their communities.

Amelia shares her incredible story about her journey of skateboarding, the barriers that non-men face in action sports, and how she started a revolution in skateboarding.

Her story isn’t just about skateboarding; it’s about persistence, breaking barriers, manifestations, and creating inclusive spaces.

The biggest takeaway here is that if you want to be successful, you have to love what you do.

Learn more about Exposure Skate:

https://www.exposureskate.org/ + IG: https://www.instagram.com/exposureskate/

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