067 - From College Art Project to Fine Jewelry with Carina Hardy

I met Carina Hardy in a yoga shala in Bali and was immediately inspired by her work and the alignment underneath it all. It is such an honor to bring you this episode, sharing the story of how her college art project turned into CARINA HARDY, formerly known as Elppin Jewelry.

Join us with Carina Hardy, as she unfolds her story from nipple brooches to nature-inspired collections to fine jewelry. Delve into an artisanโ€™s vibrant meld of entrepreneurial spirit and deep-rooted passion for crafting wearable art that celebrates womanhood, all wrapped up in a candid conversation.

If you're an artist, entrepreneur, or a sucker for a good story - you will find so many golden nuggets in this episode to take with you & apply to your life.

We cover:

  • Turning art projects into a jewelry business
  • How women's bodies inspired her design from the very beginning
  • Staying true - Hand wax carving and creative jewelry making
  • The evolution of personal and entrepreneurial identity

Follow along with CARINA HARDY:

IG - https://www.instagram.com/carinahardy.studio/

Website - https://carinahardy.com/

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