070 - REDEFINE PRODUCTIVITY + get in the driver seat of your life

"Ask yourself, what do I need? Why am I doing this? When do I have the most energy? What do I need to feel more resourced? And I guarantee if you can ask yourself that question, actually listen to the answer and implement the answer -- there you will find your energy, your productivity, what you've been looking for. But you have to listen."

Roll up your sleeves and join me to find the answer to your productivity and your true fulfillment. In this invigorating solo jam, you'll take a magnifying glass to explore how to to truly live a genuinely aligned and fulfilling life.

Learn to question your energy, purpose, and find joy beyond your to-do list. Get ready to redefine productivity and embrace curiosity in your life's passions. Are you ready to have your cake and eat it too? Let's go.

Key Points:

  • It's not about goals. It's about alignment
  • Curiosity leads to true fulfillment
  • A heavy to-do list needs a second look
  • Taking breaks recharges your purpose
  • Listening to self is key for satisfaction


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