074 - Turn your gifts into impact & income - with Claudia Whitney - Intuitive Business Coach for Women & Hypnotherapist

No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, this episode will activate your next level by learning to lean into personal joy while simultaneously becoming "her" now.

Claudia Whitney, Intuitive Business Coach for Women & Hypnotherapist, teaches women to have HOT businesses that weave their gifts and passions together AND make them money.

Tune in for golden nuggets around the true nitty gritty of entrepreneurships, strategy vs. mindset, goals vs. the present moment, finding your niche, and how to be adequately supported for success. Of course, we also dive into Claudia's journey - which is so inspiring!

Key Points

  • Cultivate success even when motivation goes up and down
  • Strategy matters, but mindset is key
  • Embrace the journey, not just goals (+ how to do that in this society)
  • Your niche puts you in power. Trust yourself to find yours
  • Why you need support + what that can look like

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