076 - From trauma recovery expert to multi six figure marketing queen. Learn to master the vulnerable side of marketing for the longevity of your business- with Maddie Mackey of Media On The Rise

Are you an entrepreneur who feels inundated by all the ways to market your business? You might be overwhelmed by the tips you see on Instagram and you're wanting to do business YOUR way. Join us for an expansive conversation on entrepreneurship, mental health, effective marketing, and achieving true business alignment. Maddie's transformation from trauma recovery expert to Marketing Agency Owner and multi six figure entrepreneur is just the tip of the iceberg in this episode. This 60 minutes is filled with REAL TALK, hard-earned wisdom, and actionable strategies for both beginner and longtime business owners. Tune in to discover the key to a long-lasting, fulfilling business life that thrives on authenticity and strategic growth.

Key Points

  • Delegating tasks can ramp up success
  • How consistent self-care impacts work quality
  • Grounded marketing to attract soulmate clients
  • Real business longevity

Maddie is a San Diego native. After working as a traveling yoga teacher and trauma recovery expert, Maddie began Media On The Rise with a mission to bring out confidence and vulnerability in the business and media world.

Connect with her: 

Personal IG: @maddiemm
Business IG: @mediaontherise
Website: www.mediaontherise.com

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